The Phantom 50 LED Spot

is the bigger brother of the 25 LED Spot and has a 50W white LED light source. Besides the stronger output the 50 LED spot also has some extra functionalities like rotating gobos and a 3-facet prism. The 50 LED spot has 8 gobos with shake effect and the 9 colours are the same as the 25 LED Spot. This makes them easy to combine. The 50 LED Spot can also be used as a master for the 25 LED spot in a master/slave setup.


6/13 channel DMX

Lux @ 1m- 18,500

Beam angle- 17°

Light source- 1 x 50W White LED

DMX, master/slave, auto and sound-to-light modes

16 Built in programs selectable by DMX

8 Rotating gobos

8 Dichroic colours + white

Gobo shake, gobo rotate and 3-fact prism

0-100% Dimmable

Strobe- 0-20Hz

Power- 100-240 VAC

Power- 100-240 VAC

Power consumption- 84W

Colour: Black

External Depth: 210mm

External Length / Height: 340mm

External Width: 205mm

Weight: 5.6k